The Costs of Moving – A Quick Checklist

We all know how exhausting and time-consuming moving can be. Everything from packing up to unpacking, it can sometimes be overwhelming. If you have some very nice friends though, it can be fun and cheap. However, it’s a safer bet to hire someone to do it all for you. Just remember it can be quite expensive. Knowing where to cut costs is key to moving cheaply and quickly.

Your Car or Mine
If some of your friends have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon, maybe you can gather a few of them who own a truck. This can be an area where you can cut some costs, but you can rent a moving truck for the day if you don’t know anyone who has a truck. It’s not that expensive to rent a truck for the weekend and move your things on your own. But if you have extra funds, hiring a company to take care of everything is even better. All you have to do is tell them where everything goes and the rest is up to them. There is a downside to hiring a company though. If you don’t buy the proper insurance, you could end up buying your stuff again.

Dusting and Sweeping
Most people don’t think about it, but moving into and out of a place may need a little cleaning. Usually when you move into a new place it’s already clean. But on occasion, a little cleaning is necessary. This is something you can do yourself. The real expense comes from the place you are moving out of. If you are moving out of an apartment, making sure you leave it the same way you got it or else that will just be another expense. The usual wear and tear is something we can’t avoid, but cleaning the carpet and filling in any holes will be something you are charged for. Most places take it out of your security deposit, but if you want you can do the cleaning on your own. There are quite a few grocery stores that have steam cleaners you can rent for the day and do-it-yourself centers have a wide variety of putty to fill in nail holes. Doing these things yourself can save you quite a bit of money and will guarantee a return security deposit.

Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Boxes
When moving, it’s all about the boxes. Finding the right one, the tape, and the bubble wrap can all get pricey. If you really don’t care about where your boxes come from, you can get them for free from many grocery stores instead of buying them. Most stores throw their boxes in a recyclable dumpster, but if you catch the store manager before they toss their boxes, you may be able to snag a few.

Moving into your new place can be very expensive, but if you know where you can cut corners and how, it makes the moving process all the more easy. Some expenses you can’t avoid, such as renting a truck or buying supplies, but knowing where you can splurge and where you can cheat can make for smooth move.